Our compost is plant matter consisting of grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, and other landscaping materials that have been recycled resulting in a nutrient rich soil amendment substance. Compost is great for use as a lawn top dressing in gardens or landscaping because it is a natural soil conditioner and fertilizer that provides a rich growing medium. Our compost contains no animal manure or by-products.
Our locally homemade compost is available by cubic yard, for pick up only, for residential homeowners and commercial contractors.

  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Helps soil retain water
  • Natural food for you lawn
  • Helps build healthy soil
  • Safe for you, your kids, pets, and the environment
  • Bulk per yard 


For topdressing apply compost at a rate of 1 yard per 1000 sq. ft. approximately 1/4 inch thick. For gardens apply 2-4 inches of compost to the garden and till into the top 8-10 inches of soil.



  1. Support Earth Day Omaha at Elmwood Park
  2. Delivery available with our 4 step organic fertilizer programs so you don't have to store it or worry about when it needs to be applied. (Omaha only)
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  4. Now offering fill dirt while supplies last. Rocky fill $5 per yard. Clean fill $10 per yard. Pick up only, by appointment.
  5. All of our products are Safe, Natural and Earth Friendly