Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Organic Fertilizer?
  2. Why should I use Organic Fertilizer?
  3. Why is Organic Fertilizer better than Synthetic?
  4. Why does my yard have weeds?
  5. Should I bag my grass when I mow?
  6. Should I water my yard after I apply fertilizer?
  7. Is organic fertilizer safe?

What is Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is derived from natural materials such as plants, animals and/or mineral material that undergo little or no processing.

Why should I use Organic Fertilizer?

The most obvious reason to use an Organic Fertilizer Program is that it is 100% safe for people, pets and the environment. There are also less known benefits such as it's much harder to over-fertilize a lawn, and a lawn gets more of an even feeding over its lifetime.

Why is Organic Fertilizer better than Synthetic?

Organic fertilizers, unlike many chemical fertilizers, continually build the soil and promote better structure as well as nourish soil life.
The growth or yield attained by using either chemical or organic fertilizers is about the same. However, in the long run, many organic fertilizers are much more productive than chemical ones because they improve soil structure and increase the soil's ability to hold moisture and nutrients. The chemical fertilizers do not build soil and can build up to toxic proportions after continued use. Organic fertilizers on the other hand, continually build the soil, promote better structure, and foster soil organism growth. The addition of organic fertilizers over a long period enhances the soil life, another plus for the great majority of garden plants.

Why does my yard have weeds?

Tolerating a few weeds in your lawn is part of organic land care. Some plants that are considered "weeds" such as clover are actually beneficial. They add valuable nutrients to help sustain a healthy lawn. As a general rule, if you have less than 10% weeds in your lawn, you don't have a weed problem!

Should I bag my grass when I mow?

Grass clippings are beneficial to your lawn because they recycle the fertilizer you have already applied to your yard, and its nutrients act as a natural fertilizer. Grass clippings can supply about 30% of the nitrogen your lawn needs to stay healthy and green.

Should I water my yard after I apply fertilizer?

All fertilizer should be watered. It is a good idea to wait one day because if you spray for weeds too you might wash the weed spray off the weed itself.

Is organic fertilizer safe?

Organic fertilizers are safer for you, your kids, pets and the environment.




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